Video Networking

Video Networking

Internal Video Distribution

Control video distribution within a facility to every desktop, every monitor, every device. Our IP video Management system can be deployed without the need to install desktop software while providing administrative control and end-to-end content protection.




Connect Facilities with SRT

Connect your organization and take advantage of low cost Internet services with the SRT technology (Secure Reliable Transport) technology. Designed to optimize video streaming across all network types, SRT provides encryption and adjusts streams to the dynamic nature of the Internet to deliver pristine video quality.



Interactive Collaboration

Foster collaboration or enable remote interviews and interactive video contribution with bi-directional video networks. Our low latency encoders and decoders deliver exceptional picture quality over low bandwidth connections.





Video Contribution

Satisfy the thirst for more live content. Easily commission live video links from remote facilities or venues over low cost Internet connections without sacrificing quality. Our encoders and decoders, equipped with the SRT technology provides end-to-end confidence.




Broadcast Monitoring

Producers and editors rely on access to real-time internal feeds and those from affiliates and competitors. Our video middleware management platform delivers high performance video securely to any desktop without installing software, and allows monitoring of multiple HD streams in real-time.