Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance

Exceptional Quality, Minimal Latency

Milliseconds matter and quality can never be compromised. Whether on the ground or in the air, our systems perform under pressure. With unique expertise in platform systems integration, satellite backhaul, enterprise networks, and mobile delivery, we optimizes the entire portfolio of video solutions to support the lowest end-to-end delay for FMV distribution - from airborne encoding to network-transcoding, to mobile decoding - allowing the fastest possible support of real time decision-making.



Efficient Bandwidth

We maximizes the investment in HD sensors by preserving the highest possible video quality throughout the distribution chain. 





Contextual Metadata

Metadata provides the context for any live or on-demand FMV asset. Our solutions provide the ultimate flexibility in handling real-time KLV/COT metadata with assignable inputs (serial port, IP or SD VANC) and metadata multiplexing.