Internet Streaming

Internet Streaming

Simplify Your Life

As your video communications expand, workflow automation is critical so you can focus on what matters most - creating great content. The Our HVC video cloud provides a flexible video content management system that addresses the entire media lifecycle - from automated ingest, workflow configuration, encoding, publishing and analytics. Increase the efficiency of your video workflows with a unified solution, without having to stitch together solutions from multiple vendors.


Live Transcoding

For the most efficient and high quality delivery of your live video content to viewers on all devices, live transcoding can be a part of your video delivery process when bandwidth is constrained. Our software-based transcoder is designed for streaming live events and broadcast channels over the Internet for delivery to desktops, mobile devices and set-top boxes.



Customizable Workflows

Our Internet streaming solutions can easily be adapted to your existing workflow rather than having to change how you work to suit the solution. With open APIs on a robust service-oriented architecture, the HVC Video Cloud can be easily adapted to your specific requirements so you can focus on what matters most - video content creation.