Digital-Planet offers a comprehensive range of technologies and innovative video streaming, IPTV solutions, and video cloud services to clients. Hence, our support team is made up of a group of dedicated professionals who share a passion for the business, and our goal is to ensure we provide a great customer experience. In addition to the product expertise, the support team is available to assist and guide our customers if and when system challenges present themselves. Practical solutions are devised drawing upon the team’s expert production, audio-visual, IP networking, satellite communication, and telecommunication experience. 

Some of our technical services include: ·       

.       Design, Implementation and Integration of audio visual systems over IP

·       Digital Recording and Media Platforms

·       Digital Delivery and DVB streams across diverse platforms, including multi-screens (PCs, TVs & Smart Devices)

·       Provision of lowest–latency streams for ‘mission-critical’ applications such as Medical O.R or Live Sports events)

·       End-to-end Video Cloud Streaming Solutions (OTT) and Services

·       VoD, Playback video, and Network Video Solutions - IPTV

·       Government ISR solutions

·       Digital Signage solutions for: Hospitality, Education & Enterprise

·       Consultancy services for optimization of design and equipment

·       Workflow Solutions for Digital Content Management and Digital Media Delivery

·       Digital Content Delivery, Contribution and re-purposing platforms

·       Training

·       Technical support services 

At Digital Planet, we make every effort to work with leading businesses across the Middle East & Africa Region. Excellent business partnership will lead to successful projects. 

As part of our mission, Digital Planet aims to develop a mutually beneficial relationship that will allow us and our business partners to attain the optimum level of excellence. We also share our expertise with others and learn from them as well. We encourage and support those with entrepreneurial spirit and work collaboratively with our business partners for continuous improvement.