About us

About Us

Turning corporate strategy into a business reality can be challenging. The evolution of technology in recent years, and the dynamically changing lifestyle and behaviour of people are making it very challenging to businesses.

Digital Planet provides products and services that enable corporations to realize their business strategies. Digital Planet prime focus is on the Middle East and Africa region. The company is totally committed to delivering the highest level of business solutions and technical services to help international and multinational organizations grow their businesses in the MEA region, while clients are assured of receiving the most practical and efficient products and services.

Digital Planet, is a technology and rich media company, offering distinctive new media services across the MEA Region, with focus on the following key areas of the business:

a)     Video Streaming solutions

b)     Corporate IPTV solutions

c)     Intelligent Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

d)     Digital Video Recording

e)     Digital Signage

f)      Technical Support services 

Our entire focus is geared towards helping our clients derive value from their investment.

Digital Planet was established in 2008, with the vision to become one of the most recognized regional companies in providing end-to-end Video Streaming and IPTV services. Our people have served the region for over 25 years. They have deep-rooted relationships that were built on efficient delivery of services, business integrity, and respect to the client’s environment, all leading to a solid professional trust in our quality of work.