About Us


Communication is critical to efficient enterprise operations and an effective communication strategy relies on selecting the right delivery channels. Our portfolio of video streaming solutions help enterprises connect with their employees, customers or partners with live or on-demand video distributed within a private network or over the Internet.



Healthcare organizations rely on efficient team efforts where every second counts and every detail is critical. Whether you need to stream live video remotely to support real-time collaboration and monitoring, or recording and reviewing procedures for continuing medical education, We provide a portfolio of video solutions specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals, with high performance, low latency video encoding technology for telerobotic surgery, to enhance clinical collaboration, continuing medical education and healthcare communications.



With the onset of new communication channels and rapid technology adoption, learning has extended beyond the fixed traditional classroom environment into a rich media learning experience that can be accessed from anywhere. Whether capturing content for skills assessment, connecting remote classrooms, extending lectures to students on mobile devices or delivering IPTV & digital signage across campuses, we provides IP video solutions designed to enrich the learning experience.



Producing live events is highly challenging. You need to keep your audience engaged with rich visuals, realism and compelling content – all in real-time so they don't miss a second. Our portfolio of video products and services are uniquely designed to deliver top broadcasters and live event venues, like studios, stadiums and arenas, with secure, low latency multi-stream HD video and exceptional bandwidth efficiency.



Mission critical means there is no margin for error. Government and military customers rely on our products and solutions to support their video requirements. Whether delivering high quality, low-latency full motion video (FMV) for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), Command and Control (C2) displays from Operations Centers, or IPTV for Situational Awareness (SA).